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i have soo many videos from Friday that i’m still uploading, i almost forgot about this one. Win singing a belated Happy Birthday to Dan Deacon during their encore

here comes the night the night the night

I caved and bought the AF snapback at the concert on Friday, and it has this great holographic sticker that looks like the cover of the Reflektor album and I don’t wanna take it off so now I’m gonna wear this hat with a sticker on it like some d-bag loser thanks win butler

I have never been that drunk at an arcade fire show before. It was still magical. Win’s pants are also magical.

Royksopp - The Drug

It’s a really important place for my generation. It’s the new church. It’s where people go to experience something bigger than themselves.
Robyn on how Body Talk Pt. 1 is “a record about the dance floor”. (x)