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The calm before the storm… Thursday is camp setup day but we can hear Outkast sound checking for their show tomorrow night 😉😉 #coachella #coachella2014 (at Coachella Polo Fields)


i made my own coachella poster when I was in grade nine

sorry i’m reblogging my own shit but crying at the fact that a DECADE after making this poster back in high school I’m acTUALLY GOING TO COACHELLA THIS TIME omG fOR REAL BBs <3 <3 <3

i need to pack for california but i’m just here stressing about my playoff bracket smdh

In a field full of freaks, and all of my friends.

desert drive from athena on 8tracks Radio.

Because it’s actually happening. Countdown until we fly in to L.A. and make the drive down to Indio, California to celebrate some good music at Coachella Valley all weekend.

An eclectic playlist partly influenced by an uncontrollable urge to dance in the sun, the creeping late night dark desert chill, road tripping from sunrise to sundown, and the Coachella 2014 lineup.

Mix clocks in at about two hours, which is roughly the time it takes to get from L.A. to Indio (traffic permitting).

Everytime I go to this rooftop, I’m a little bit older 🏢 #Toronto #davisville #windstorm


sexuality: january jones speaking italian 

she knows